HOT Mobile Selects Kodiak for Next-Generation Broadband PTT Service

Published on 29-11-2016

The new PTT service will enable an advanced level of communication for HOT Mobile customers in the industrial, construction, enterprise, transportation, security, energy, and government sectors.

Kodiak, a leading provider of broadband push-to-talk (PTT) solutions, today announced that HOT Mobile Ltd., a leading Israeli wireless service provider, has launched MIRS 4G PTT, a next-generation broadband push-to-talk (PTT) service based on the Kodiak carrier-integrated, standards-based Broadband PTT solution. 

“We are excited to offer our customers the latest push-to-talk technology with many new features that can be delivered over HOT Mobile 3G/4G/Wi-Fi networks for extended call coverage, while maintaining fast call set-up and high voice quality,” said HOT Mobile CEO Asaf Ofer. “The Kodiak Broadband PTT solution will provide our PTT customers with a new level of communications performance - secure, efficient, and easy to use, increasing their business efficiency and productivity.”

HOT Mobile selected the Kodiak Broadband PTT solution to implement the next generation of iDEN network because it provides carrier-grade scalability, resiliency, and security, as well as a rich set of features as demonstrated in deployments by leading mobile carriers across North America, Latin America and Europe. Key features include secure Push-to-Talk service for group and one-to-one communications, centralized real-time management of groups and contacts to the client devices, industry-leading voice quality, fast call setup, iDEN interoperability, and an integrated Dispatch console. A broad portfolio of the latest models of handsets and accessories support MIRS 4G PTT, from smartphones, which enable a single device for all mobile applications, to rugged and intrinsically safe phones required for specific industries.

Important upcoming features include secure Push-to-X (group and one-to-one encrypted instant messaging with text, picture, file, video, and recorded voice) and location-based features (locating other PTT contacts on a map and geo-fencing). These powerful features improve work outcomes especially in construction, utilities, field service, and transportation, when there is a need to share pictures or group messages with office staff or field colleagues, to help with troubleshooting, or to show completion of work. The ability of a supervisor or group leader to view the location of their group members on a mobile device and receive notifications when group members leave a geo-fenced area provides for greater visibility and employee safety.

“We are proud to have been selected by HOT Mobile for its next-generation broadband PTT service,” said John Vice, CEO, Kodiak. “Kodiak has the largest carrier-integrated PTT network footprint in the world. It provides an ecosystem of devices, accessories and third-party productivity applications on a future-proof PTT platform, and our solutions are backed by the expertise and experience that carriers like HOT Mobile demand.”

Source: MCCResources